Dash Maverick makes history at ICW’s SprungMania by becoming the first ICW Grand Slam Champion.

The accolade of Grand Slam Champion is awarded to any wrestler who wins four specific championships in a wrestling promotion throughout the course of their career. The Four ICW championships recognized for the Grand Slam distinction are the ICW Championship, ICW Pure X Crown Championship, the ICW HardKnocks championship, and the ICW United States Tag Team Championships. The now-defunct ICW Youtube Championship and Latin American Championships, and the Women’s/Intergender championships are recognized as suitable substitutions for the tertiary title.

Dash Maverick began his wrestling career in 2003 for ICW. In June of 2014 Maverick became a triple crown champion when he held the Pure X Crown Championship after having won the ICW Heavyweight Championship, and HardKnocks Championship. It should be noted that Dash is also the only ICW competitor to hold all three ICW tertiary titles: HardKnocks and its predecessors, the Youtube Title, and Latin American Heavyweight title. But the elusive U.S. Tag Team Titles always evaded him as Dash’s stints in Tag Teams have always been brief.

Finally at Sprung Mania 2019, Mykal Manix, a long-time friend of Dash and former System team-mate, entered the Tag Team Gauntlet without a partner. Realizing he needed a partner to win the gauntlet, Manix called Dash Maverick from the commentary booth to the ring. With a quick Hip Toss Neckbreaker and Elbow Drop combination, Manix and Maverick put away the M726 team to win the gauntlet and the U.S. Tag Team Titles.

Mykal Manix himself is now a 5-time Tag Team Champion (The most in ICW), and former ICW Champion.

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