ICW Critical Condition 2009

criticalconditionOver 138 fans joined ICW back at the ICW Headquarters for Critical Condition ’09!

Dark Matches:

Dirt Bike Kid defeated Andre Killemall

Jordan Rayner defeated Dude Hate

J-Dawg Brooks defeated Clark Banner

Mykal Manix defeated Johnny Impulse

ICW Critical Condition ’09:

Maxx Stardom defeated The Lifeguard Wade Koverly to retain the PXC Championship

Stud Magnum defeated Kevin Cling

Big Daddy Gonzo defeated MKO

The Midnight Studs defeated BB Brown & Sean Phoenix

Jordan Rayner defeated Mutilator

J-Dawg Brooks defeated Dirt Bike Kid

Troy Taylor defeated Hitman Machine

Beast defeated J-Biggs

Angel Rose defeated Mykal Manix
Special Guest Referee: Dash Maverick

ICW Championship
Joker defeated E.R.A.