ICW Crossing the Line 2008


ICW Crossing the Line was held at the Davie PAL on Saturday July 19th, with over 120 paid fans over 165 in attendance ICW made its mark out side of the Miami Dade County Border.

The opening contest was The Network (Mykal Manix & Maxx Stardom managed by Angel Rose) VS Dade County Collision (Kaotic Romeo and T.K.O. managed by Kellie) competing in a No Holds Barred match to crown the new ICW United States Tag Team Champions. DCC was crowned the new champions after hitting the Collision Course on Mykal Manix for the three count. As a sign of respect The Network held our the hands to Dade County Collision. DCC didn’t accept the hand shake and began to attack Manix and Stardom. ICW Commisioner Joker came out and told everyone in the ring that the night was still young, as Angel Rose was going to take on Kellie later in the night to declare the first ever ICW Women’s Champion.

The second match was for the ICW Latin American Championship with Q-Ba Libre (now managed by FSW Centerfold Vyper) defending his belt against “The Wild Stallion” Ricky Turbo. After some outside interference from Anjhel Gibson, Ricky Turbo scored the pinfall victory to be crowned the new Latin American Champion.

“The Cold Blooded Brutalizer” Michael Sain made quick work of “The Midnight Studd” Bobby Sanford. After the match Michael Sain and Alex Chamberlain continued on with the destruction of Sanford until JT Flash came running for the save. The Midnight Studds have officially arrived in ICW.

Big Daddy Gonzo entered the ring to talk about the recent happenings of the Rude Awakening, which brought out the Rude Awakening themselves. All members of the R.A. came out to distract Big Daddy Gonzo which had American Taliban get in the ring and attack BDG with a chair to the back. Rude Awakening threw Gonzo out of the ring and began to explain to the everyone in attendance how the destruction of ICW was to begin at Crossing the Line.

Skorpio, of the Rude Awakening, was out next to compete against “Your Mirror Image Times 3” J-Biggs. The two battled for a little over ten minutes but J-Biggs was to much for the former 7 time ICW Champion who tapped out to the Biggs’ Crossface.

The D$W Championship was next to be decided in a Fatal Four Way between Champion Mutilator (who was accompanied by the beautiful Kimberly), Skull Mussolini, Jack The Ripper, & A-Poc. Mutilator used with size and power to defeat his 3 opponents and score the pinfall.

The next match was between American Taliban and Big Daddy Gonzo. Big Daddy Gonzo had The Falcon in his corner. The fight broke out all over the Davie PAL. American Taliban set BDG up in the Camel Clutch when Skorpio came out to distract the referee. Taliban let go of Gozno as Abudadein got ready to swing his Staff of Darkness over Gonzo’s head, only Gonzo moved and The American Taliban took the brunt of the hit. BDG went for the pinfall and scored the victory.

Ernest R. Alexander III took on new comer Hitman Machine who is undefeated in ICW. Machine defeated ERA quicker than you could blink.

Angel Rose, representing The Network, took on Kellie, representing Dade County Collision. Angel Rose defeated Kellie after her patented Hurricanrana Bomb to be declared the first ever Women’s Champion of ICW. Out of frustration attack a fan at ringside the go to attack Angel Rose. The Network ran in from the back to make the save.

The Main Event was a two out of three falls match between ICW Champion Shawn Prime VS Soulman Alex G. With each competitor scoring a fall each early on it was time for the third and final fall which was to be held with No Holds Barred Rules. The referee goes down during the third fall. Soulman hit his finisher which brought out another referee to count the pinfall, only problem was Skorpio was running after him. After the two count Alex G realized what was going on and went after Skorpio. The Rude Awakening had all stepped in the ring at this point but one by one Soulman took care of them. It was finally just going to be Soulman and Prime, when Prime surprises him and hits the Prime Plex for the pinfall victory. Shawn Prime is still the ICW Champion.

The Rude Awakening all get in the ring and attack Soulman Alex G. Director of Authority Dash Maverick come out and calls for everyone in the back. Everyone came out and took the Rude Awakening to the back. From the audience emerges Joker who gets in the ring behind Shawn Prime and clocks with a chair shot to the head. Joker poses with the belt over the fallen Champion. J-Biggs slid into the ring and faced off with Joker who told him go ahead he is yours and left. J-Biggs got in the ring and hit Shawn Prime with Broken Neck 2004 and held up the ICW Championship. J-Biggs stole the ICW Championship from Shawn Prime!

ICW Director of Authority Dash Maverick sent out a memo earlier today announcing Shawn Prime VS J-Biggs for the next ICW event.