ICW Lethal Lottery 2011


A new faction formed in ICW at Lethal Lottery. Their name is the Syndicate, lead by Barrington Hughes (formerly $tack$). The members include former ICW Women’s Champion Calypso and newcomer MDK.

ERA and Joker almost went at it in the ring before the first match even took place. The fans and the wrestlers alike were awaiting the culmination of the feud between the two in the Main Event Ladder Match.

First Match was for the ICW United States Tag Team Championship. TECH Squad came out first and awaited to find out who their opponents would be. Rusty Brooks drew the names. He drew Sean Phoenix. Sean Phoenix picked Flex Magnum to be his partner. Then Rusty Brooks drew the stipulation for the match. He drew Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Team Match. Rusty then drew another wrestler’s name. He drew Skorpio who asked for Teddy Khan to be his partner. Then K5’s name was drawn and the members picked Daniel Modem and Andrew D. Dawson to compete.

Skorpio and Teddy Khan were eliminated first. After some aerial acrobatics from Phoenix and Magnum they were eliminated. Then it was down to the champions TECH Squad and the team of Daniel Modem and A.D.D. After a low blow from A.D.D. to TC Read of TECH Squad and a hand full of tights ICW crowned new United States Tag Team Champions! Modem and ADD are the new Champions.

Out next was Angel Rose. Rusty drew her opponent and Adrian MarX’s name was picked. A One on One Match with a 20 Minute Time Limit was drawn. MarX scored the upset victory on Rose with the Curb Stomp and out came Shawn Prime. Prime got in the ring and started to kick Rose until Dash Maverick with Sledge Hammer in hand came out for the save. Prime high tailed out of the ring. Maverick and his ex-girlfriend Angel Rose embraced as Prime looked on. Angel Rose then backstabbed Maverick with a low blow and joined Shawn Prime. The feud between Prime and Maverick got even more personal.

Out next was Nacio Baron. Rusty drew Jordan Rayner’s name. Then a first for ICW was drawn a Body Slam Contest. Rayner won the Body Slam Contest. After the match Barrington Hughes along with the Syndicate came out and offered what seemed to be Rayner a spot in the faction. Nacio attacked Rayner from behind then left the ring and told Hughes that he is in if Rayner is in. Baron left and the Syndicate followed.

K-Cling came out next with the new Tag Champs. K-Cling spoke about the concussion he received at the hands of J-Biggs. He is confused as to why there were no repercussions to Biggs. K-Cling spoke on how he has not been able to work for the last two months, how he wasn’t able to wrestle at Road 2 Ruin but Biggs wasn’t suspended for his actions. He was fired…no he became ICW Champion. K-Cling blamed Rusty Brooks for everything. He verbally attacked Rusty over and over until Rusty interrupted him. Rusty says you want to attack the Brooks name screw this drawing of names, you are taking on my Son the Prodigy J-Dawg Brooks right now. J-Dawg came out with the TECH Squad who ran Modem and ADD out of the ringside area to the locker room. Then Rusty did draw what stipulation and it was a No Count Out Match. Brooks and K-Cling fought all over the Polish American Club. The match finally made it back in the ring and K-Cling seemed to have the upper hand until he collapsed out of nowhere. J-Dawg didn’t know what to do, he looked towards his dad, then he looked at the referee, J-Dawg then went for the cover and K-Cling was out cold, J-Dawg scored the victory. J-Dawg was who was confused by what was going on, was then attacked by the tag champs. TECH Squad ran them out of the ring and helped J-Dawg up. Officials carried K-Cling to the back. No word on his condition as of yet.

The next match was the I Quit Match for both the ICW Hard Knocks and the FOW Hardcore Championship.  A devious Jack Zero and a fuming Dash Maverick made for a really exiting I Quit Match. Both stars brawled back and forth all over the P.A.C. using every weapon at their disposal, this included cupcakes and a Kermit the Frog Puppet. At one point Zero hand cuffed Dash Maverick to the turnbuckle and began wailing at his back with a Singapore cane. Dash’s brother Speedy had enough and stopped Jack. The two brawled all around the ring. Once Jack was back in the ring; Dash, who had been unlocked by security, hit his finisher out of nowhere. The match ended when Jack Zero finally uttered the words ”I QUIT”.

After the match Shawn Prime came out and told Dash Maverick that he has gone to the ICW Offices and the match has been put together. Shawn Prime VS Dash Maverick will finally take place. Prime then told him that there is one obstacle in the way of a Prime/Maverick match. He told him that before that match happens, at Challenge of Championship the new ICW Hard Knocks Champion Dash Maverick must take on his brother Speedy. Prime elaborated more and stated that if the two don’t compete at 100% then they would be fired. So there you have it, November 19th, Dash Maverick will take on Speedy in a Brother VS Brother, Fight or Fired Match for the ICW Hard Knocks Championship.

Immediately following this “Showtime” JB Cool made his to the ring to find out who his opponent was. Rusty drew the Army of Darkness. Rusty then said that Abudadein would pick which member would compete. The Snake Master picked Brian “The Beast” Brody. Rusty then picked the stipulation and Handicap Match was drawn. “Sycho” Sean Allen jumped on the apron and the match began. JB Cool had to fight two of the most evil men ICW has ever encountered. JB fought back but the two AOD members were too much for the seasoned pro, the constant outside interference from Abudadein didn’t help either. The referee called for a disqualification when all the members of the Army of Darkness jumped into the ring and simultaneously attacked “Showtime”.  Maxx Stardom who was sitting at ringside with his family watching the show started asking for someone to come from backstage and help. After about 15 seconds of him asking he got fed up and headed back stage, only to run back down the ramp with a chair in hand and clear the ring. Stardom made the save on JB Cool. Stardom then asked for a microphone. The retired Five Star Superstar said that forget about his retirement he is tired of the AOD’s constant attack on the ICW stars. Stardom told Allen and Brody that at Challenge of Champion he along with JB Cool are challenging them. Maxx Stardom & JB Cool VS Sean Allen & Brian Brody was announced for Challenge of Champions.

The following match was scheduled to be a Tag Team Match between the current ICW Champion J-Biggs along with his tag team partner and former champion Shawn Prime taking on two former champions Mykal Manix and VEGA.  But when Rusty drew the stipulation he drew Tag Team Turmoil Match and the partner had to switch sides. Rusty to J-Biggs he would be tagging with Mykal Manix to take on Shawn Prime and VEGA. This 21 minute match was a brutal slugfest that saw the two best friends who were former enemies once again become enemies. All four men hit everything in their arsenals to try and capture the victory. Mykal Manix and Biggs worked together for the first time in history even hitting a new tag team variation of the Face Wash. There are no words to describe the brutality of this match. In the end J-Biggs hit the Emerald Flowsion Driver on his former partner, Shawn Prime, to score the pinfall win.

Now it was time for the Main Event. The Second Ever Ladder Match in ICW’s history. A heated rivalry that has spanned over 5 years finally would come to a rest as the ICW Pure X Crown Championship hung high above the ICW ring to see Ernest R. Alexander III take on Joker. This was the most intense match many in attendance had ever seen. These two men looked like they were out to kill each other. This ladder match quickly became a T.L.C. match as the fans as tables and chairs came into the mix. Both men would climb up the ladder and attempt to recover the championship but the other would stop him dead in his tracks over and over again. Both competitors would get up from things that would kill mere mortals. ERA and Joker set the new standard for ICW in their Match of the Year Match. In the end Joker finally had ERA down and the Pure X Crown Championship was finally in his sights, when out of nowhere came Jack Zero who clocked him in the back with a chair. Jack then helped ERA. Jack and ERA had formed some type of alliance and Joker was about to get screwed again, when ERA was hit with a Double Knee Arabian Facebuster by Zero. Jack looked around and climbed the ladder to the top. Jack Zero unstrapped the Pure X Crown Championship from the hook to win the match!? Jack Zero who wasn’t even in the match climbed up the ladder to capture the Pure X Crown Championship.  The Senior Official of ICW Bruce Michaels (Owens) raised Zero’s hand in the end to make it official.

After the match the whole locker rooms got in the ring to bid farewell to Ernest R. Alexander III who will be taking a long break from wrestling.

Lethal Lottery saw the crowning of new United States Tag Team Champions, new Hard Knocks Champion, and new Pure X Crown Champion, an unholy union between Shawn Prime and Dash Maverick’s ex-girlfriend Angel Rose, the formation of the Syndicate, the return of a Five Star Superstar, the breakup of a former tag team champions, and the end to one of the most promising careers in ICW’s history.