ICW Road to Ruin 2008

Road to Ruin 08

Over 124 PAID fans were in attendance at the ICW Headquarters for this year’s installment of Road to Ruin!

The event opened with ICW Commissioner Joker welcoming all the fans back to the ICW Headquarters.

The first match was the 6 Man Bull in the Ring for the ICW Pure X Crown Championship. Q-Ba Libre, Dominic Vega, Romano Exchange ST, Maxx Stardom, and J-Dawg Brooks all challenged Skull Mussolini’s PXC Trophy. Dominic Vega and Romano Exchange ST were the first two eliminated after an interference from a 6’6″ monster by the name of Jordan Rayner. Skull Mussolini then hit the Skull Bottom on Maxx Stardom which injured Stardom who rolled out of the ring. Stardom was then taken out of the Headquarters by some of the wrestlers, trainers, and referees. The match continued… Q-Ba Libre eliminated Skull Mussolini. Then J-Dawg Brooks eliminated Q-Ba Libre. The referee called for the bell and J-Dawg Brooks was about to be announced as the new champion. When all of a sudden Mykal Manix of the Network (Stardom’s Tag Team partner) got on the mic and said due to his partners injury and the fact that Maxx was never eliminated, and he would now take his place. Manix begins to climb into the ring when all of a sudden Maxx Stardom comes from out of nowhere back into the ring and hit the Plasma Blast for the three count and the victory. Maxx Stardom was crowned the new ICW Pure X Crown Champion.

The second match was a battle between two of ICW’s newcomers Clark Banner and Johnny Two Times. Everyone in attendance was heard saying how much passion these two showed in the ring in their first singles match at the ICW Headquarters. Banner scored the victory with a sick DDT.

Bobby Sanford and JT Flash debuted as the Midnight Studds and challenged Dade County Collision for the ICW United States Tag Team Championship. In the end DCC scored the victory after hitting the Collision Course, but the fans have not stopped talking about the Midnight Studds, seems like a new rivalry has begun in ICW.

ICW Champion Shawn Prime made his way to the ring following his Rude Awakening partners. Shawn Prime let the crowd know about his career threatening injury and how against doctor’s orders he was going to defend the championship against J-Biggs, defeat him, and then hand over the title to ICW Director of Authority Dash Maverick. Skorpio then took the microphone away from the champion. Skorpio wanted to know what the “Special Stipulation” for his tag team match against the Wild Stallions was. Dash Maverick came out and announced that tonight’s match between Shawn Prime and J-Biggs for the ICW Championship would be an unsanctioned match.  Then he began to explain the stipulation, when Skorpio interrupted. Skorpio asked Maverick to make the match for the ICW Latin American Championship. Dash Maverick liked the idea and announced that if either Teddy Khan or Skorpio pinned Turbo or Gibson that the ICW Latin American Championship would go to the person scoring the pinfall. Then Dash states that the he needs to even the odds. Maverick continues, “if Gibson or Turbo defeat either one of you, Skorpio you must take off your mask”.

The next match was for the ICW Women’s Championship. The Network’s Angel Rose was defending her championship against former CCW Women’s Champion “the Caribbean Queen” Calypso. Angel Rose scored the surprise victory after hitting a beautiful Swanton Bomb.

Intermission came around and a few of the wrestlers went out to sign autographs as well as sell some of their merchandise, including J-Dawg’s PlayboyDolla$$ CD.

The show started back up with Ernest R. Alexander III battling Hitman Machine for the Number 1 contendership. This match was amazing; E.R.A. scored the victory over Hitman with a super kick.

It was time for the Title VS Mask Tag Team Match involving the Rude Awakening and the Wild Stallions. The Network’s Mykal Manix and ICW D.O.A. Dash Maverick provided ringside live commentary and what ensued was a very entertaining tag match. The finish came when Skorpio tossed Ricky Turbo clear across the other side of the ring, and then hit him with the Depolarizer (Sit Down Choke Slam). Skorpio scored the victory and became the new ICW Latin American Champion. Skorpio told the fans that he wasn’t going to go home and cry about an injury and that he would defend the title against anybody, anywhere, anytime. Dash Maverick asked anywhere, anytime? Skorpio repeated himself, confirming it. Mykal Manix taps Skorpio in the shoulder, Skorpio turns around, Manix goes to hit a clothesline, Skorpio ducks, hits the ropes, comes back, Manix hits the Hip Toss Neck Breaker, and goes for the pinfall. Dash Maverick now wearing a referee shirt makes the three count and crowns Mykal Manix the new ICW Latin America Champion. Mykal Manix sat Skorpio up and ripped Skorpio’s mask off.

It was main event time; the current NAW, NRW, D$W Champion made J-Biggs entered the ring first. The injured ICW Champion Shawn Prime then made his way to the ring, along with his Rude Awakening brothers. They chain wrestle until Prime gets the upper hand and hits a suplex on Biggs. Prime runs the ropes and gets tripped by Skorpio who drags him out of the ring and begins to attack him. Then the rest of the Rude Awakening attack Shawn Prime, Skorpio is yelling at him: “where were you” over and over again. Skorpio rolls Prime back into the ring where the referee begins to count to ten. Skorpio pulls Prime back out and rams him back first into the ring. Skorpio then body slams Shawn Prime on the stage. The Rude Awakening threw Prime back in to the ring where the referee began the ten count again. Shawn Prime almost made it to his feet at nine, but then collapsed. J-Biggs won the ICW Championship by way of knock out.

The Rude Awakening reentered the ring; Skorpio hit a pendulum backbreaker on Prime and then put him on a modified camel clutch. Joker came into the ring with a chair; he and Biggs cleared the ring of the Rude Awakening. Joker told the Rude Awakening to get to the back or they would be fired, then he told the RA to turn around. The Network were standing behind the Rude Awakening and both teams went at it, all the way to the backstage area. Joker then began to talk to J-Biggs, telling him that Biggs was better than this. Joker told him that this was not the right way for him to win the championship and that he knew it. Joker told Biggs that because of this his first title defense was going to be against the number 1 contender Ernest R. Alexander III. Joker announced that the match would take place right then and there.

J-Biggs and E.R.A. III battled in what many call the match of the night. E.R.A. pulled off the win with the victory roll. Ernest R. Alexander III after two matches and two victories in one night was crowned the new ICW Champion.