ICW Road to Ruin 2011


Before the Bell: The FOW Hardcore Championship was on the line in a Hardcore Match between Champion Dash Maverick and challenger Adrian MarX in an Empty Venue Match. The two battled all over the Polish American Club (PAC) hitting each other with anything they could find. Once the two men brawled to the backstage area, Dash Maverick was almost attacked by the whole locker room. The FOW Hardcore Champion is defended in 24/7 rules. As long as there is a referee the belt could be defended anywhere at any time. When the ICW Stars realized that the belt was up for grabs everyone went after Dash Maverick, as Dash backed up he was rolled up by Jack Zero, who wasn’t even part of the match, and pinned for the 3 count to capture the FOW Hardcore Championship. Zero headed out of the locker room area into the inside area of the PAC where he took a few photos with the FOW Championship, when the locker room cleared to go after him. Zero left the PAC only to come back later for his match with Teddy Khan.

Richard Tingle began to welcome all the ICW fans to Road 2 Ruin when all of a sudden a fan jumped into the ring asking for a match. Tingle told him first thing’s first you need to get yourself a trainer, then you need to get some gear, and pay your dues before you get a match. The fan didn’t want to have any of that. Tingle said ok, you want a match you got one. Newcomer MDK came out and totally destroyed him, until ICW Champion VEGA interrupted the match by spearing MDK. The match ended in a No contest.

VEGA began talking about his Championship reign and how he will be the best Champion ICW’s ever had. That brought out Mykal Manix, the former champion. The crowd was completely with Manix. The match was set; the Main Event would be VEGA defending the ICW Championship against Mykal Manix.

At 7:30 ICW was ready to be on its way and as per request of the fans we held a Tribute to the Troops. We started the night’s festivities with a “Presentation of Colors” from the Miami Senior High School JROTC Color Guard along with EVA singing “the Star Spangled Banner”.

Skorpio came out along with Dash Maverick to talk to the ICW fans. Both stars asked for Rusty Brooks to come to the ring. Rusty was prepared to talk about the next event Lethal Lottery that takes place on October 22nd, when all of a sudden Skorpio and Dash asked for all the performers whom Rusty had some hand in training to come to the ringside area. Needless to say, everyone in the locker room went out to the ring. Dash Maverick then presented Rusty Brooks with the first ever ICW Championship Ring as an appreciation from all the ICW stars for his training and guidance for the last few years. A “Thank You Rusty” chant broke out as everyone cleared the ring and we got ready for Road 2 Ruin 2011.

The Opening Match was a Triple Threat Match for the FOW Championship. The match was scheduled to be Tommy Vandal defending his Championship against Dash Maverick and Tommy’s brother Johnny Vandal; Johnny decided that the ICW fans weren’t worth performing in front of. Fabulous Frank and Seth Gregg from FOW decided they could intrude in the start of the match and announce a new third participant, that third participant was former WWE Star “Dirty’ Dennis Allen. The match got on its way with each of the three men having an upper hand. The end of the match saw an unexpected return from a former ICW Champion. As Dash Maverick hit his “Danger Zone Elbow Drop” and seemed to have the match won, out of nowhere came Shawn Prime with a chair in his hand. Prime clocked Dash over the head with a chair and left the ring before anyone could blink. Dennis Allen stood up, saw what was happening and as he went for the cover, Tommy Vandal rolled him up for the Three Count to retain the FOW Championship.

After the match Shawn Prime continued the attack on Dash Maverick leaving him incapacitated.

Recently retired star Maxx Stardom came out to thank the ICW fans for their understanding in his decision to retire and thanking them for their support. Stardom then joined Richard Tingle and Bobby Rogers at ringside for commentary.

The second match saw The TradeMarX defeated the team of Flex Magnum & Sean Phoenix.

J-Dawg Brooks VS Nacio Baron managed by $tack$ was next. J-Dawg and Nacio brawled back and forth leading to J-Dawg hooking his submission hold on Nacio Baron. Nacio didn’t want to tap. $tack$ was about to interfere and break up the move, when an unknown masked wrestler came in and pulled $tack$ from the apron. $tack$ then seemingly inadvertently threw a white towel into the ring. The referee saw it and declared J-Dawg Brooks the winner via Submission.

J-Dawg Brooks along with his father Rusty Brooks and this new unknown masked star stood in the ring holding up each other’s arms in victory.

The new comer’s match between “Sycho” Sean Allen and JB Cool ended in a No Contest after interference from the Army of Darkness’ Abudadein, Brian “the Beast” Brody, and Niedaduba. Brody attacked JB Cool as Sean Allen held off Abudadein and Niedaduba. Maxx Stardom was going crazy at the commentator’s booth as ICW Director of Authority Skorpio made his way to ringside. Skorpio demanded that the Army of Darkness stop. As soon as that was said Sean Allen turned around and attacked JB Cool from behind. Skorpio was livid at what was going on. Skorpio told them to get out of the PAC or they would be escorted out by the police. Sean Allen took Skorpio’s microphone away and said, “maybe you should pay closer attention to my contract as I signed it ‘Army of Darkness’ not ‘Sean Allen’, the Army of Darkness is back and there is nothing you can do about it.” Stardom took his headset off and began to make his way into the ring. Skorpio went to stop him, but Stardom just pushed him out of the way and tried to jump into the ring, but he was stopped by security. Security hauled Stardom out of the venue as Sean Allen and the new Army of Darkness began to leave to the backstage area. Skorpio stopped them and said, “I will check with my lawyers, but for the time being if you are part of ICW, then Beast you will have a match tonight, actually stay in the ring, as here comes your opponent…J-Biggs.

J-Biggs defeated Brian Brody with the Broken Neck 2004 in what was said to be the best ICW match of 2011 by some of the fans.

The United States Tag Team Championship was on the line in the next match as the TECH Squad defeated K5’s Daniel Modem and Andrew D. Dawson.

The 6 Person Bull in the Ring Elimination Match for the ICW Pure X Crown Championship was next but due to Dash Maverick being attacked earlier in the night, paramedics would not allow him to compete in the match and was replaced by Shawn Prime. The match was now ICW Pure X Crown Champion Ernest R. Alexander III VS Shawn Prime VS Angel Rose VS Jordan Rayner VS Skorpio VS Joker. E.R.A.  and Skorpio started it off, but right off the bat there was an injury to the Heat Magnet. Skorpio’s previously injured arm gave out on him. Skorpio screaming in pain asked for a substitution to be made as he could not compete, Skorpio said that luckily ERA’s old high school friend was backstage and could take his place. Out came the Rainbow Express’ Macho Mark. Once Mark was in the ring everyone in the match gunned for the biggest person in there, Jordan Rayner. Finisher after finisher from all participants finally took the big man down. Everyone in the match piled on top of Rayner for the pin. Jordan Rayner was eliminated. ERA then super kicked Macho Mark out of the match. Shawn Prime and Angel Rose went at it next; Prime began to decimate Rose. He continued to beat her down, until the man he attacked earlier and Rose’s ex-boyfriend Dash Maverick came out with Sledge Hammer in hand. Security stopped Maverick before he could even come down the ramp, but it was enough for Prime to get distracted and Rose to roll him up for the pin. Angel Rose was the next one out as her chin met ERA’s boot. It was down to the heated rivals the Champion ERA and the Challenger Joker. They went toe to toe until Joker finally hit ERA with the Frog Splash. There was no referee as a few moments before Joker had unintentionally hit Senior Referee Bruce Michaels. Referee Fernando Jimenez ran down as Joker hooked ERA into a submission. ERA tapped out and Joker was victorious.

Well, that was until Senior Referee Bruce Michaels got up and disqualified Joker for hitting him. The decision was reversed and Ernest R. Alexander III was still ICW Pure X Crown Champion. After the match the ICW offices decided that the feud between Joker and E.R.A. needs to come to an end. So it has been announced that at Lethal Lottery 2011 Ernest R. Alexander III will defend the ICW Pure X Crown Championship against Joker in a Ladder Match!

From a controversial finish we go to a controversial Champion. Jack Zero defends both the ICW Hard Knocks and FOW Hardcore Championships against “the South Beach Sensation” Teddy Khan. Zero and Khan brawled all over the PAC using everything at their disposal including a Shop Vac. Zero scored the victory and retained his Championships. After the match as Jack Zero is celebrating up the ramp, he gets blindsided by a sledge hammer hit from Dash Maverick. Dash covers Zero, the referee makes the count, and Dash regains the FOW Hardcore Championship thanks to the 24/7 rule. Dash then challenges Jack Zero to an I Quit Match at Lethal Lottery for the ICW Hard Knocks Championship.

The Main Event for the ICW Championship was next as the new reigning champion VEGA defends against the former champion Mykal Manix. This match was back and forth until J-Biggs’ music hit and out came the Progressional #1 Contender. J-Biggs told the ring announcer to make this match a Triple Threat Match as he was cashing in the #1 Contendership. The Triple Threat Match began at the referees ringing on the bell and it was all power moves from the three men. The three men gave it their all and it looked to be over when Mykal Manix hit the Package Piledriver on VEGA, but before Manix could go for the cover, J-Biggs hit him with a massive clothesline almost decapitating the former ICW Champion. J-Biggs covered VEGA to become the new ICW Champion and write his name into the annals of ICW, now as a two time ICW Champion.

J-Biggs is the NEW ICW Champion!