ICW Tag Team Turmoil 2011


ICW’s Tag Team Turmoil opened up with Skorpio recognizing the ICW production team for their hard work and dedication to ICW. Then Skorpio brought out Meir Nissim who has been in ICW since its inception. Skorpio thanked him for everything he has done for the company. Skorpio then introduced the ICW Champion Mykal Manix.

Mykal Manix introduced everyone to Detective Emiliano Tamayo (of First 48 fame) to the ring. Manix thanked Tamayo for everything he had done for the City of Miami and for his 22 years on protecting our streets. ICW awarded the Detective with a Certificate of Recognition. A Certificate was also given to First 48 cameraman Scott Mislan. Another Certificate of gratitude has been sent to “First 48” in New York recognizing them in everything they have done for the community.

The matches were then on their way:

J-Dawg Brooks defeated Teddy Khan and El Electrico to advance into the Progressional # 1 Contendership Battle Royal.

J-Dawg asked for a mic and while J-Dawg was addressing the ICW fans out came $tack$, former manager of J-Dawg Brooks, now managing the big man Nacio Baron. An impromptu match began between the two.

J-Dawg Brooks defeated Nacio Baron by countout when Nacio walked out of the match.

Joker and ERA defeated Dash Maverick and J-Biggs after Joker scored the pinfall on Maverick into the Progressional # 1 Contendership Battle Royal.

During the above match two former ICW performers walked in after having purchased tickets to watch the event.

The TradeMarX defeated K5’s K-Cling and Arson Blaze into the Progressional # 1 Contendership Battle Royal.

Jack Zero retained the ICW Hard Knocks Championship after defeated Calypso in a 2 out of 3 falls match in what has been regarded as the most entertaining match of the night.

The next match was scheduled to be Tommy Vandal & Jordan Rayner VS Flex Magnum & Sean Phoenix, but Sean Phoenix’s music played and he never came out, then all of a sudden J-Biggs’ music played and out came Biggs again saying he had taken Phoenix out and was now taking his place in the match.

Jordan Rayner & Tommy Vandal defeated Flex Magnum and J-Biggs to advance into the Progressional # 1 Contendership Battle Royal.

Q-ba Libre and Skorpio defeated K5’s Andrew D. Dawson and Daniel Modem to advance into the Progressional # 1 Contendership Battle Royal.

Mykal Manix defeated Mr. Vega to retain the ICW Championship after interference from all of K5 and the two former ICW performers. The locker room cleared out during the match to escort this two former performers out of the Grand Lodge of Florida and into the streets of Miami.

J-Biggs won the Progressional # 1 Contendership Battle Royal even though he was never part of the match in the first place. J-Biggs took out Jordan Rayner at ringside with one of the light fixtures and proceeded to slide into the ring as the bell ran to begin the match. J-Biggs and Joker were the final two men before Biggs hit him with an enziguiri as Joker springboarded back into the ring.