ICW The Next Level


Every year over 1 million residents of Miami, Florida come out for an enormous festival in the heart of Little Havana. The Calle Ocho festival is the single largest celebration in Latino culture in the United States. Calle Ocho is an enormous street party, and entire streets are blocked off to make room for music, dance, visual arts, food and other fun! This year Coca Cola’s Full Throttle Blue Demon presented an ICW event in the heart of the Calle Ocho festival. Eighth Street and 13th Ave housed an event like no other in ICW’s 7 year history.

The opening match was the debut of Bobby Sampson and Ace Skyfighter in ICW. Both competitors put on a terrific match that had the ICW fans at ringside hyped through the whole contest. Bobby Sampson hit the superkick on Skyfighter for the pinfall victory.

The following match was a one on one grudge match between “The Heat Magnet” Skorpio and Q-Ba Libre. This was the fourth match in a rivalry that has lasted a little over a year. Skorpio came to the ring first and immediately took the microphone from the ring announce. He told the fans at ringside that if they didn’t know the English language that they should turn around and continue walking down Calle Ocho. This brought out Q-Ba Libre and the two worked the crowd until Skorpio attacked Q-Ba Libre.  Q-Ba Libre began to work Skorpio’s shoulder until Skorpio eye raked Libre. Skorpio showed his power and took control slamming Q-Ba Libre around the ring. The Heat Magnet missed a turnbuckle clothesline and Q-Ba Libre capatilized and came back with a series of shoulder tackles. Q-Ba  Libre hit 10 punches in the corner which brought Skorpio crashing down face first. Q-Ba Libre hit Salsa Step 1 and 2 and then went for the pin. Q-Ba Libre scored his third singles victory over the former 7 time ICW Champion.

The third match was between the returning Maxx Stardom (formerly known as Trigger) and Mykal Manix. Stardom hadn’t competed in ICW since October of 2007 where he was defeated by the current ICW Champion Shawn Prime, Stardom came back looking bigger and better than ever before but he was facing off against a man twice his size in Mykal Manix. Maxx Stardom surprisingly took control of the match early on, hitting some big moves on Manix almost scoring a pinfall after a Code Red. Mykal Manix made his comeback and took the match home after his patented Pumphandle Tombstone Piledriver.

Following the match the crowd went insane when they saw the man they had been waiting for. Straight from Mexico the man whose name the Full Throttle drink is named after, Blue Demon Jr. Blue Demon Jr. pumped the crowed up setting up the main event where Blue Demon Jr. and a surprise partner would take on El Monster and Toro Rojo.
The next match is regarded as the best match in ICW history. ICW performers as well as performers from three other South Florida wrestling organizations that were in the crowd could not stop talking about how intense this match was. The ICW Championship was on the line as current champion Shawn Prime defended the title against Ernest R. Alexander III. Prime took control of the match early on until half way through it he hung E.R.A. on the Tree of Woe and attempted the flipping coast to coast VT. E.R.A. pulled himself up and Prime hit the ground hard, as Prime was coming back up on his feet Alexander hit the biggest Moonsault of his career. E.R.A. and Prime went back and forth until E.R.A. went for his superkick only to have it reversed by Shawn Prime who hit the Prime Plex. E.R.A. kicked out after the two count. Prime hit the Muscle Buster and E.R.A. kept kicking out of everything Shawn Prime had to offer. Prime’s frustration got the best of him as Shawn Prime climbed out of the ring, grabbed his championship title, and smacked Alexander clear across the head only to get disqualified by the official. Shawn Prime headed to the backstage area with the ICW Championship in toll. Ernest R. Alexander was passed out in the middle of the ring until Q-Ba Libre and Mykal Manix went to the ring to help E.R.A. up.

Q-Ba Libre, Mykal Manix, and E.R.A. continued at ringside for the next 25 minutes signing autographs and giving away free Full Throttle T-Shirts, coasters, and energy drinks. This was all interrupted by the debut of Reiken.

The phenom of East Germany Reiken stepped into ring and the fans at ringside almost immediately turned on him. His opponent was also making his ICW debut and he was none other than the man they used to call the Extreme Shah of Pro Wrestling when he used to compete for the original ECW. This was indeed the debut of the man who resides at the Last House from the Left; Hack “the Dog” Myers. Myers was accompanied to the ring by another new comer to ICW, Kimberly. Hack and Reiken went toe to toe but Myers made quick work of the East Germany phenom pinning him with a back slide. Myers pumped himself back up after a drink of Full Throttle only to be attacked from behind by Reiken. As Reiken turns away from Hack Myers he gets hit with a Top Rope Hurricanrana by Kimberly which brought his attack to a screeching halt.

It was time for the main event as El Toro Rojo and El Monster step into the ring. El Toro Rojo grabbed the stick and began to talk down the crowd an Blue Demon Jr. Stating that the best energy drinks were Red Bull and Monster. This brought out Blue Demon Jr’s surprise partner former WCW Hardcore Champion and CMLL World Champion “Black Magic” Norman Smiley. Blue Demon Jr. managed by Kimberly then made his way to ring as the crowd went insane. This match was scheduled to be an Extreme Lucha Libre Rules Tag Team match and these four guys made sure to use these rules to their advantage. They fought all over the place holding nothing back. Toro Rojo tried ripping Demon’s mask off only for Norman to interrupt it which bought time for Demon to surprise Rojo and begin to rip Roko’s mask off. By the end of the match, El Monster and Toro Rojo were missing more than 30 percent of their masks. Monster and Toro Rojo took advantage of the match and really showed their presence but Blue Demon put a stop to it with a Suicide Dive through the ropes that hit El Monster that was outside of ring right in front of the DJ booth. Blue Demon Jr. scored the pinfall at the end of the match. Blue Demon Jr. and Norman Smiley had the crowd on their side until they headed to the backstage area after the match.

ICW – Independent Championship Wrestling, Inc. would like to express their thanks to Coca Cola, ADN Productions, La Raza 106.3, Blue Demon Jr., Norman Smiley, Hack Myers, BDE, and BDG Enterprises for this great opportunity