ICW Original Maxx Stardom reaches the NXT level

Going to a Miami Senior High School Football Game between 2005-2007 the marching band was the highlight, the drum line was the main focus. In the middle, Maxx Stardom showed his charisma and passion. Maxx eventually found out I was involved in the wrestling business, he also knew people at another promotion. He brought us together. Stardom began unofficially training in different locations, until Soulman Alex G took him in. He taught him the finesse of pro wrestling. Stardom became super smooth in his in ring technique. Rusty Brooks took him in and gave him character. By that time a network of friends had come together. He was the speed of the group. He was the work horse. In the years to come his teamwork with Mykal Manix stole the show month in and month out at ICW events. Months before you had to pay $9.99 the Network was selling out shows left and right. Eventually a System became disconnected and the future was clear. Manix and Stardom needed to go on separate paths to have them both grow as performers. Mykal Manix went on to become ICW Champion, but Maxx Stardom was stealing the shows in the undercard. In late 2012, ICW went on a hiatus.

Months later, UKnow Pro Wrestling opened up. The brainchild of the System became the IT show in town. Uknow Pro elevated Stardom’s popularity and brand to a whole new level. As UKnow Pro Florida Champion Stardom took on the who’s who of wrestling in Florida. From TNA stars Jesse Sorensen & Jay Lethal to future WWE Superstar Lince Dorado.

When ICW returned in the spring of 2015, Stardom vowed to become ICW Champion. A championship that has eluded him his whole career. Eventually Stardom became ICW US Tag Team Champion again. And on November 5th, 2016 his dream of becoming ICW Champion became a reality for his little sister, Angel Rose.

Fast forward five months. His sister appears on WWE Television, then appears on Impact Wrestling, then gets signed by Impact Wrestling. What does Stardom do? Does he feel jealous? No! Is he proud? Hell Yeah! Does he say he I’m going to sit at home and ask around how to get there? No! He got up and busted his ass, fought, clawed his way into everyone’s view site. What happened next?

Well he shows up on WWE NXT! Tonight a dream becomes a reality for a man that has stood against all odds. A man who was told he was to small for this business by veterans who were so out of touch with the business that they didn’t realize WWE had a 5’3″ World Champion at the time.

Maxx Stardom’s passion and love for this business has positioned him where he is now. This Saturday Night, Maxx Stardom returns to his Alma Mater of Miami High. Where he won’t only defend the ICW US Tag Team Championships, he will then compete in the main event against one of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the world, Jonny Vandal.

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