ICW Pure X Crown Championship VACATED

Nick Nero has vacated his Pure X Crown Championship due to his move out of Florida. Nero has moved to the State of Ohio. He promises to be back in the future of some events. We wish nothing but the best to the “Loud Mouth of ICW” Nick Nero.

“I should probably finally post about the never ending changes in my life. I’ve decided to move back home to Ohio. I know what you’re thinking….. 1- Again? 2-Who the hell moves from FL to Ohio in the middle of winter??? But look, it’s just time. Not only do I get to be with my family, with a job I like, but I get to really hit the road and wrestle all over the northeast. That’s all I ever wanted to do, travel while doing what I love! I will definitely be back for shows and visit my good brothers. A HUGE thank you for all the wonderful people I met within the last 9 years. The promoters who believed in me, my awesome co workers, and most important, some of the best people and friends you can ask for. I have soooo many stories to tell the grandkids, but I’m looking forward to make more stories starting in 2018. Love you FL, see you soon. “

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