Location Announcement from our President!

From ICW President, Jorge Portuondo:

In 2000 an idea was put into play

In 2001 the idea began to materialize

In 2004 a spark was lit

In 2006 a dream was shattered

In 2007 the steps were taken for legitimacy

In 2008 the Next Level is reached

In 2009 a home is found 

In 2010 LuchaFest is born

In 2012 we took over

In 2013 everything was lost

In 2014 a system reconnects

In 2015 Shock Factor was born 

In 2016 the dream once shattered is put back together piece by piece!


ICW LuchaFest IV will take place where the idea was born! 


On Saturday, November 5th, ICW will produce the biggest event in its history!


For the first time in over 60 years pro wrestling returns to the ASYLUM of Miami Senior High School! 


ICW will join forces with the Stingaree Band Parents, Inc. at the most decorated and oldest High School in the County for a historic night of Action and Excitement!


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