Maxx Stardom on 205 Live!

“The 5 Star Superstar” Maxx Stardom competed in WWE 205 Live against Lio Rush. This would be a re-match from a match they had at the Broward County based Platinum Pro Wrestling. Maxx Stardom has now been featured in WWE’s NXT and 205 Live program. He could also be found almost every week on BEIN Sports’ Major League Wrestling. Stardom, real name Ricky Martinez, has been a featured commodity for many organizations in the State of Florida for the past 10 years. In the last few months he has branched out past state lines and has competed all over the Eastern States of the US. He is now the Intercontinental Champion for one of the most prominent companies in Puerto Rico. ICW would like to congratulate Stardom on everything he has accomplished and we know he will undoubtedly continue to go #AllTheWayUp. Continue to be an inspiration!

Maxx Stardom had this to say:

“Just wanted to share this…

Somewhere in between 4th and 5th grade I remember we had a project that we had to pick what we wanted as a career goal when we got older and we had to stick these projects on the wall so that in open house when the parents came to visit the classroom they would see what we had in mind.

I chose Pro Wrestling.

Parents and teachers told me to pick something more realistic. That was just a hobby to pick something else like a backup. I got upset but I chose teacher. I remember my gifted teacher telling me “you look like you would end up being a banksman or a seller like a car salesman!”

Well … let me tell you this

I became I god damn pro wrestler, a damn pretty good one at that. Those wresting shirts I used to wear under my uniform and getting in trouble for taking off my uniform shirt to show the Rocks face, or getting in trouble for choke slamming a kid behind the portables or getting a detention for screaming “suck it” across to room to another kid and doing the physical X crotch chop…. it was damn worth it! And I regret not doing more of it cause I actually was a good kid! 😂

Just I did become a salesman because I sell what I do. I am a teacher because I am a role model.

But I am a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER. And I love what I do because I’m above average.


Get up and make your dream happen, stop dreaming period just do it.”

“My Brother” (In excitement) – ICW Champion and TNA Star Angel Rose aka Diamante

“Excellent” – Current WWE Superstar and former ICW Star Lince Dorado

“The measure of a man is the size of his heart, The Reyes family says congratulations to Maxx Stardom, just appeared recently on BOTH NXT and 205 live. This guy embodies want and desire…..not big enough my ass, he should be the role model for people that are told ” you can’t” if you really want it, YOU CAN. Continued success, we can say we knew you when.” – ICW fan Rick Reyes

“He put on a great match” – WWE Rigger Giovanni Rodriguez

“Pays to be a consummate pro. Cheers to your continued success homeboy!” – Indy Wrestler Vinny Cenzo

“My boy Maxx Stardom hitting the big time! Big ups bro! Congratulations!!” – Indy Wrestler Jake St. Patrick

“Proud of my guy Maxx Stardom for accomplishing a big goal last night. He was on 205 live and fought one of the best cruisers in the world Lio Rush. Maxx inspires me. He understand the business. He doesn’t care only about the money. He cares about the Dream. He works hard and sacrifices a lot for moments like this. It’s one thing to see people win, but it’s another thing to see good people win. To see family win. We met for the first time at NXT and i look forward to you finishing the dream. All The Way Up!” – Indy Wrestler E.C. Negro

“Maxx Stardom congratulations you made it to WWE you deserve it.” – ICW Fan Roger Morejon

“Yeah funny thing he is doing something with his life pursuing his goals and living his dreams maxx congratulations bro keep doing your thing haters will come out of the closet as you continue to do good.” – Indy Wrestler David Flores

“Way to go really pulled the Trigger last night…” – ICW Ring Crew Israel Cantu

“This is why i’m a huge fan of yours bro. Keep on kickin’ ass and taking names. But most importantly, keep on rockin’. #AllTheWayUp – ICW Superfan Michael Acosta (From Maryland)

Awesome bro! Love it! Made me sad to see ur grandpa in that pic. He would have been very proud of you as we are.” – Former ICW Wrestler MachoMan Moreira

“Still remember his grandpa, a very young Ricky, Raul, and myself watching Monday night raw in his living room every Monday. Introducing him to the Indy’s and watching ROH dvds. All of his hard work and determination is paying off in dividends. Very proud of everything he has accomplished and where he is today.” – Childhood friend and former ICW Wrestler Perfect Pico

“Way to go! My dad is proud of how far you have come along with this crazy wrestling business lol – Keep it up!” – ICW Fan Heather Lynn

“Good for you!! Always follow your dream…Congratulations!!  U” – Mom of Childhood Friend Luz Sayih

“I remember Mike Blake coming home and asking me can you make a necklace out of stars  I know a kid who is going places… he is proud of you Maxx” – ICW Fan Tracy Blake

“As a professional wrestling fan you know I gotta support my boy Maxx Stardom keep putting in the work and dreams do some true! Congrats homie! #WWE#205Live – Childhood Fan and ICW Fan Oliver Largaespada

“Congrats to Maxx Stardom on his appearance on last night’s WWE 205 Live” – Ignite Pro Wrestling

“Congratulations! Never give up on your dreams! If you give it your all dreams do come true! Won’t forget all the times we rooted for you at FSC and ICW! Kick everyone’s ass in that ring!!! You’re an inspiration and living proof that no one should give up on their dreams. Congrats again! – ICW Fan Diana Garcia

“Proud of my brother Maxx Stardom well deserved – Indy Wrestler KC Navarro

“South Florida’s own Maxx Stardom. Lots of good talent in all facets of the business from South Florida.” – Miami Herald Writer Jim Varsallone

“Los que se dieron cita el pasado sábado a #SummerMayhem pudieron ver cómo Maxx Stardom se coronó Campeón Intercontinental de la CWA. Hoy, hizo su debut en WWE 205 Live ante otro talento que piso el #Hexadrilatero, Lio Rush.” – CWA Puerto Rico

“Proud of ya! Knew it the first time I saw u REALLY work a singles match. And your tag skills make u versatile.” – ICW Wrestler Big Daddy Gonzo

“Wow. 205 LIVE! Congratulations to you Ricky and to Lio Rush! What else can I say? You’ve made it to the Mountain Top! Where few people go but everyone is trying to achieve…Hard work really does pay off..” – Indy Manager Dr. Red Tyler

“So happy for you and so well deserved my friend!!” – ICW Fan Jeremy Ivans

“Congratulations brother! I told you years ago that it was only a matter of time, which I don’t say to many.” – ICW Manager Snakemaster Abudadein

“Tonight WWE 205Live was Platinum indeed! A Re-match 18 months in the making took place tonight on WWE 205 Live between current PPW Silverweight Champion Maxx Stardom and former PlatinumPro Star Lio Rush! We here at Platinum Pro Wrestling are incredibly Proud of both Superstars and encourage you to check out tonight’s WWE 205 LIVE episode on the WWENetwork! ‘A Cut Above The Rest'” – Platinum Pro Wrestling

Maxx Stardom

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