Angel Rose appears on Impact Wrestling!

ICW Champion Angel Rose, who made a surprise appearance at the WWE NXT tapings Wednesday night February 22nd. Just 8 days after competing in a WWE ring, Angel Rose stepped foot into the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Rose’s first match with Impact Wrestling was against former Knockouts Champion Angelina Love. She will stay in Orlando through the weekend as she is scheduled to be present at all tapings this week. We will keep you informed here at if she competes again. Good luck to our young champion, Angel Rose.

ICW wrestlers and fans took to the Internet to express their happiness upon hearing that the ICW original had come out on Impact Wrestling:

ICW President, J0rge Portuondo: “And here it is guys!!! Angel Rose on Impact Wrestling!!!! One week shy of coming out on NXT! The ICW Champion is making rounds everywhere!”

ICW United States Tag Team Champion and brother of Angel Rose, Maxx Stardom wrote: “She’s rocking 2017!”

Florida Wrestling Legend and trainer of Angel Rose, Rusty Brooks wrote: “Very nice”

Skull Mussolini: “Amazing”

J-Dawg Brooks: “Awesome!!!”

Former ICW wrestler, Anjhel Gibson: “&#@ damn she is everywhere. Puts a smile on my face. Good for her. Only wish the best.”

Former ICW wrestler, Beastly Brody: “F’n so happy!!!!”

ICW fan, Adam Tapper: “Finally the queen of South Florida is showing everybody why she runs the state…keep up the good work, Angel Rose. Keep it up, keep breaking barriers, and keep doing what you do because every time I see you I get more motivated and that is a blessing, so thank you. Angel Rose is fantastic, if you’ve never seen her compete and get the chance to I highly recommend it.”

ICW fan, Harmony Leaves: “Angel Rose is kicking ass and taking names now!”

ICW fan, Jeremy Ivans: “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

ICW fan, Emanuel Thomas: “Yes! She pulled a Lex Luger/Rick Rude. I’m so happy for her.”

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