Angel Rose competes on NXT

ICW Champion Angel Rose, real name Priscilla Zuniga, made a surprise appearance at the WWE NXT tapings this past Wednesday night. Rose’s life long dream has been to wrestle on the WWE stage, she got her chance. Rose competed against NXT Women’s Champion Asuka. This is was an amazing opportunity for our champion. The internet was a buzz when finding out about her appearance on NXT.

ICW President Jorge Portuondo wrote on his facebook, “Today is THE proudest moment in wrestling for me and the ICW family! Today the ICW Champion Angel Rose has finally stepped into a WWE ring. I’ve said it for years, I will continue to say it, this has been way overdue. This is a stepping stone. Congratulation to ‘Angel Rose’. We love you! You deserve the very best. The sky is the limit!!!”

ICW United States Tag Team Champion and brother of Angel Rose, Maxx Stardom wrote: “There is one person specifically that is making me extremely proud right now, and that is ‘Angel Rose’. for everyone that doesn’t know, her and I started this business together. We would go every weekend to the wrestling school. I would have to knock on all her doors, call her mom, her sister just to get her to wake up so I can drag her out of the house. Blood sweat and lack of sleep just to be able to call ourselves professional wrestlers. That was 10 years ago. This year she did the same for me. I took a break from wrestling and she got me back on my feet and told me to get up and get out there and be the best and this is the best I’ve ever been. The love I have for her and the passion I get watching her work is like no other. Exactly where she is right now is where she should be.”

ICW United States Tag Team Champion Mykal Manix wrote: “She deserves it, 👏👏👏👏👏, She deserves it, 👏👏👏👏👏”

Former 4-Time ICW Champion Shawn Prime wrote: “Man that’s awesome”

Florida Wrestling Legend and trainer of Angel Rose, Rusty Brooks wrote: “Woww!! Outstanding!!” “Thrilled for Angel Rose!! She deserves this moment!!”

Lidia Zuniga, Rose’s mom, wrote: “I am so proud of her that words cant express how I feel right now..I am so emotional ..”

ICW Color Analyst Bobby Rogers wrote: “Fab’ulous’ Frank and I were discussing Angel Rose the other night on the phone and both of us were saying how we are so happy how dedicated she is because she should have big things in here future.”

Former ICW Women’s Champion and rival of Angel Rose, Calypso wrote: “I’m in tears!!! So VERY HAPPY for my girl!”

ICW Ambassador Alina Armas wrote: “Extremely proud of you, Angel! You got this!”

ICW Referee Teddy Khan wrote: “One thing is for certain… I am ecstatic for Angel Rose for receiving this opportunity to work with WWE NXT. We are all proud of you… Like seriously… My eyes are getting watery… Congratulations love!”

ICW Wrestler, Dude Hate wrote: “Angel Rose congrats!!!!! wow that’s amazing”

Former ICW Wrestler, TC Read wrote: “Incredible”

Former wrestling star “Classy” Chris Nelson wrote: “There is nothing like stepping in a WWE ring for the first time. It is a life-changing moment! I’m glad that she got the opportunity to experience that and I hope there are many more opportunities in the future for her!”

Long time ICW fan Meir Nissim wrote: “HOLY SHIT Angel Rose NXT Bout DAMN time”

ICW fan Rick Reyes wrote: “Angel Rose is on a rocket ship, we can all say we witnessed the launch.”

ICW fan and long time friend of Angel Rose, Maria Quintana wrote: “Since the infamous Polish American Club, albino Angel Rose,and the original “Network” I’ve always been your biggest fan. I’m so proud and happy for you. Like I told you, this is your year kid. Congrats!”

ICW fan Emanuel Thomas wrote: “I’m so proud of Angel Rose. It’s amazing to see someone live their dream. First female main event of Wrestlemania. I’m telling you”

Kim Artlip, promoter of Ignite Wrestling, wrote: “Last night was one of those nights where you see someone you admire and respect making their debut and you cry. Angel Rose is one of the hardest working wrestlers I know (male or female) and I was so proud of her getting her name up and entering that ring. It’s only the beginning.”

Wrestling announcer Chris Santiago wrote: “There’s a quote I live by: “I am not afraid of tomorrow. For I have seen yesterday, And I love today.” I’m so proud of you for making your NXT debut last night! I popped when I saw the pics! You’re really climbing the ranks and you deserve each moment of it! 🤘 Your perseverance will take you above and beyond! Honored to share the ring and friendship with you.

Angel Rose On NXT

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