Angel Rose VS Jon Cruz signed for Thunder Rumble!

At the request of Jon Cruz, from the Internationally known Lucha World Order, a match between Angel Rose and himself will take place at Thunder Rumble. This match will take place for the first time ever at ICW. It will be a high flying, hard hitting spectacle that the ICW/UKnow Pro fans will not want to miss.

Cruz VS Rose

 Angel Rose is an ICW original having trained at the Rusty Brooks School of Hard Knocks. Rose has been a multi time ICW Women’s Champion. She has been the flag bearer for the Bombshells division since its inception. This will not be the first time she has competed against male competition. She has been in the ring with Mykal Manix, Craig Classic, Aron Agony, Flex Magnum, and many others, many who have fallen victim to her Roseton Bomb.

Jon Cruz trained at the Team 3D Academy under the tutelage of Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley. Jon Cruz has wrestled all over the world in singles competition, though he is more frequently competing in tag team wrestling. Cruz tags with partner Jay Rios where they are collectively known as Team Lucha. Cruz and Rios are also members of the Lucha World Order with WWE CWC Competitor and ICW star Lince Dorado and former ICW Pure X Crown Champion and WWE CWC Alternate Mr. 450 Jesus Yurnet.


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