ICW Production Assistant joins Full Sail University

IMG_0410ICW Production Assistant, Oscar Yglesias, joins Full Sail University where he will be studying Production with the hopes of one day working for World Wrestling Entertainment. Oscar became a fan of ICW in the spring of 2008, where he remembers Garbage Mann from the Rainbow Express giving him a kiss in the forehead.

His first event as a working member of the ICW family was Summer Brawl 2010 at the Doral Park Country Club. The one moment he will never forget about ICW was a table spot during a match between Joker and ERA at Lethal Lottery 2011. It is the first time he ever witness a table spot in person. He recalls being nervous meeting Joker and Angel Rose for the first time.

This move is a bittersweet one for Oscar. First and foremost he will be studying for his dream job, on the other hand he is leaving a family behind. Oscar says, “Being part of the ICW has been amazing. I learned alot about the IMG_0409business and how things are run. Everybody working the shows wether it was the crew or the wrestlers were always very nice and welcoming. I always felt as a welcomed addition to the family. Overall it was a very fun and enjoyable experience that I will never forget.”

ICW wishes the very best to Oscar in all his future endeavors. Oscar did make one promise. He said he wouldn’t miss LuchaFest IV for anything in this world.


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