Angel Rose’s debut in Impact Wrestling from Jorge Portuondo

I’ve used the word “appearing” when talking about Angel Rose and Impact Wrestling. I wasn’t sure what the plan was for this new LAX incarnation.

I should have used the word “debuting!” After seeing pictures and reading about the tapings. I don’t have words to express how proud I am of our Champion!

She wrestled Angelina Love on an episode of Xplosion, then she joined LAX which rocked the Impact Zone. All this I knew. What I didn’t know was…

She would go on to compete at the Knockouts One Night Only event and get a victory over ACR.

After looking at new pics, they gave LAX a separate entrance set to come out of at the Impact Zone. This tells you how much they will be pushing this new faction, which also now hold the Tag Team Titles.

When she won the ICW title on Nov 5th of last year, everyone said 2017 would be her year, well, guess everyone was right. When you fight for this, when you wrestle everywhere Night in and night out. Well not just wrestle but attempt to steal the show and revolutionize on a nightly basis this, this is the end result. The world is at her grasp. The future for wrestling is brighter than ever. Congratulations Champ! This is just the beginning!

Jorge Portuondo
ICW President
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